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Materials We Use

Vegetable Gardens 4 U will only put the very best, locally-sourced organic materials into your vegetable garden. From soil to amendations to pest control, we know exactly what's gone into our materials, because we personally know the people behind them.

We are providing you with the best organic materials Chester County has to offer!

Spent Mushroom Substrate for Soil Health

Spent mushroom substrate, or spent mushroom compost, is the soil-like material remaining after a crop of mushrooms has grown. It's high in organic matter, making it desirable for use as a soil amendment or soil conditioner. Spent mushroom substrate is excellent to spread on top of newly seeded gardens, as it provides cover against birds eating the seeds, and will hold the water in the soil while the seeds germinate. It adds structure to the soil, improving soil structure and providing nutrients. Spent substrate is the choice ingredient used by companies making potting mixtures found in supermarkets and garden centers, so you know it's rich and healthy!

Penn State University's extension provides the following chart with an average analysis of the contents of spent mushroom substrate: